Seller: Brittany Shannon
State: Florida
City: West Palm Beach
Zip code: 33407
Type: Pets

My female Cat Storm (1yr) gave birth to her very first litter (5 kittens) 7/1/!
7/16/ they will be 3 weeks old and 1 week away from being seperated from Mom (Storm).
If someone out there is interested in adopting a kitten please feel free to give me a call and set up an appointment to come and pick up the kittens on they're
4 week old date 7/21/ or later. Kittens are free although donations to the Queen, Storm will not be turned down (call it an offering in exchange for a bundle of joy).
Please, only for people who are real cat lovers with a good moral character in need of an tiny companion whom you can watch grow and raise as your own extended family member.
I love my Animals and will not adopt to people whom cant provide time, love, FOOD, and care as needed.
P.S, Please do not feel offended it's all for the love and protection of the innnocent kittens for they deserve a bright future. I've included pics of the kittens as of today 7/15/ and a picture of Mom (Storm) before birth. Also for someone looking to adopt an older cat i also have 2 pixie cats 1.5 years of age (Boys) pics upon request.
xox, Britt.